Golf League Roster & Sub List

For any questions contact committee members: Chairman Ryan Conway, Scorekeeper Eric Mason, Buzz Schert, Kristina Hosticka, Stacy Brown, Lars Anderson or Charlie Page.
Team Player Flight Company Phone
1 Grant Allen A GHAllen Insurance, LLC 815-669-5122
1 Ryan Conway B Ryan P. Conway Agency, LLC 815-344-1600
2 David Lammers A Edward Jones Investments 815-344-2925
2 Eric Mason B Mobil Accounting 224-321-6859
3 Cris Bimbi A Cris Bimbi State Farm Insurance 815-344-6444
3 Bill Colbert B Bill Colbert State Farm Insurance 815-385-4080
4 Dan Barroso A Chas. Herdrich & Sons 815-385-0016
4 Jim McCormick B Allendale, Inc. 815-363-5500
5 Tom Nuzzo A Tom Nuzzo, Inc. 815-728-9221
5 Dan Umbarger B Hustler Sports Center 815-385-9174
6 Mike Hutton A Retired 847-274-7105
6 Steve Romberger B Retired 815-344-2735
7 Charlie Page A Home State Bank 815-479-4702
7 Ray Mittelstadt B Midwest Door Services, Inc. 847-356-3729
8 Brad Buffington A The Buffington Plan 815-690-7220
8 Buzz Schert B Alpha Laser Engraving 815-245-7005
9 Frank Hosticka A LegalShield 815-347-0181
9 Tom Sellars B Today’s Business Funding & Credit 815-363-3535
10 Dave Lawson A McHenry HS Dist. 156 815-276-1835
10 Kevin Weisenberger B McHenry HS Dist. 156 815-790-2608
11 Chris Cardamone A Retired 815-385-1612
11 Joe Solare B Illinois Auto Quote 815-363-8100
12 Bobbi Baehne A Think Big Go Local 877-799-4256
12 Geri Condon B Capture Your Path Counseling 815-728-3056
13 Kristina Hosticka A LegalShield 309-230-6534
13 April Stewart B Coach Nana Shaklee 815-404-8070
14 Dale Peterson A US Health Advisors  815-451-9572
14 Todd Morris B Midwest Door Services, Inc. 312-863-1252
15 Tammy Mittelstadt A Sacred Mindscapes 847-456-7695
15 Carla Morris B Sacred Mindscapes 423-313-4144
16 Stacy Brown A Colonial Life 847-471-4556
16 Denise Netzel B CleanAir Illinois 847-354-8104
SUB Steve Otten United Way of Grtr. McH Co. 815-363-1377
SUB Dan Falk Platinum Autobody 815-403-1047
SUB Diane Hussey Bemer 815-900-1547
SUB John Jindra Quality Tire 815-334-2573
SUB Pam Gish Get In Shape 847-903-7881
SUB Bob Sharp Home State Bank 815-788-3457
SUB Meredith Schaefer Northwest Herald 262-384-1224
SUB Christine Kernes Hidden Pearl Coffee 815-388-0008
SUB Nichole Ulibarri Sight On Solutions, Inc. 847-356-7539
SUB Sue Shaw Home State Bank 815-363-8085

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