Planning Before an Event Essential to Successful Networking

Time is precious for us all.
That is why you must plan ahead of each event whom or what type of business you wish to meet. Usually that is a prospective client or a business that shares your market without competing with you. Example Real Estate Broker/Mortgage co./Home Inspector. These are most commonly called power partners.
Plan networking as part of your advertising budget. Consider it your most cost effective advertising tool . Expect a rate of return from your investment of money and time. If an event is complimentary such as a mixer. Put a dollar figure on your time. You are taking time away from other activities including business. Change your mindset from just attending an event to expecting a rate of return either through a potential new client or a referral partner or power partner.
• Plan to Track networking events. Most chambers have websites. Find the events that will draw power partners and clients or are being produced by organizations you wish to meet. Example our upcoming Century 21 Real Estate Mixer. Should have every mortgage company and home inspector in the area.
Be disciplined about networking. Each function you attend you should plan to meet 6-8 new people.
Plan to have a WING person.  Two or more of you attend a function, working for each other. Doubling your efforts. You split at the door following a disciplined plan to meet new people, sit with new people. You may not be able to work with a person you have just met but just maybe your WING person can and you have the priviledge of facilitating the introduction. If you are part of a referral group, get these people working for you at mixers and luncheons. Find a WING person to attend events with you or train your referral group members to act as WING people for each other. Better yet be a WING person yourself. Look for a volunteer as an example of WING person.
Plan to bring business cards. Your best marketing tool. Make yours stand out.

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