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Frank Hosticka serves as Membership Director of the McHenry Area Chamber of Commerce.


Referrals Are A Great Way To Generate Business.

Here are 7 thoughts on how to teach people to sell you and what you do:

  1. Ask your best customers how they would describe what it is you do for them (not the services or products but the bene ts you provide) and use this to explain to others the outcomes of your work.
  2. Ask your top referrers what they say when they are referring others to you. Odds on they have developed the perfect way to sell you to others in their network and you can share what they say with other potential referrers.
  3. We need to be clear about what potential referrers may be afraid of (the elephant in the room) and have an open and honest discussion about that. For example, they may be concerned that if they refer you and you don’t deliver it will damage their reputation with their client. What will you do to ensure this doesn’t happen?
  4. Do your existing customers really know what it is you do? Often people are trying to refer us but they simply don’t have information that is accurate. Make sure you get them up to speed and then keep them up to speed.
  5. Set up meetings with possible referrers to do nothing but teach them how to sell you (and reciprocate by getting them to teach you how to sell them).
  6. Do a regular newsletter just for referrers to keep them up to speed on what it is your are doing, the results you are getting, testimonials etc. This is a marketing campaign – and it instills a sense of con dence in what we do with these referrers.
  7. Get really good at acknowledging and showing appreciation to those who do actually refer you business – and learn from them at every opportunity.

Teach People to Become your Sales Force.

The bottom line is that most of us don’t have a solid strategy in place that teaches others to sell what we do. Once we master this, and others can succinctly sell us, the leads will flow in. But it won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without a very clear and specific plan and investment of time. That said, it’s well worth both, especially if we can end up with a small army of people who are fantastic are selling us to others

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