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The forever struggle for small business owners every summer- to keep revenue flowing while somehow finding more time to spend with family and at the beach, and get that elusive ‘break’.This won’t happen magically, you will have to take some action to make this happen. It isn’t too late, so start today.


Step 1.

Get your plan in place for attracting customers and sales for the next 60- 90 days. This starts with determining what you want for your summer. Are you trying to ramp up sales, maintain the status quo, or slow down for season?If you are using your summer marketing plans from a year or two ago- things have changed. You need a fresh approach and a new idea. It is important to get this finalized- even one simple promotion- so that it can start getting views, momentum, and some traction with your audience. Keep it simple, go with what you know to work, and put it in motion without too much overthinking. 

Fight the misnomer that in order to have more time with your family, you will have to sacrifice revenue. That does not have to be the case.

As you plan, keep in mind how much you actually want to work, and what is already on your calendar. Be realistic with what you can accomplish, given the amount of time you want to work.


Step 2.

Determine your goals, ideal schedule, and what your non-negotiables are for this summer. Setting intentions for your business and your family is a great way to start the summer off, so everyone is on the same page. Don’t just slide into summer hoping the kids know what you want them to do, or hoping those fun activities make it onto your calendar. A little time up front can make a word of difference.Be sure that the business activity that you are planning will lead to the goals or intentions you set for the summer. If it isn’t a part of that bigger picture, try to set it aside for fall.A word of caution from a mom who has been there- don’t go overboard on fancy chore charts or crazy involved systems. Keep it simple and doable. The more elaborate it is, the less chance you will stick with it all summer.


Step 3.

Find accountability that will stick. There are SO many distractions in summer, and that’s ok when you have built in support. If you have no one asking you if you finished that blog post, or launched that sale, it is so easy to push it aside for other more fun, sunshiney activities. So join a group, get a coach, and have that person nudging you to implement and move on so you can get to the beach without feeling guilty.PS- trying to find accountability in a friend that also struggles with accountability, usually won’t stick. Invest in someone that will show up.Your action step: Create your summer marketing plan or at least one new simple promotion (not sure what to do? Sign up for the free planning week below and I will walk you through it).

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