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Maximize your Technology in the New Year!

One way to get the best start in 2022? Take the time to review your business technology. Check out great tips on areas that you might improve to support the new year success.

  • Regardless of what industry your business is in, it’s important to dedicate a good percentage of your budget to IT. However, it’s equally important that you spend within your means and ensure you’re actually seeing a good return on that investment. End-of-year downtime provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate how much time, productivity and money was lost in 2021 while troubleshooting technology and to proactively plan your IT strategy for the year ahead.
  • Upgrading devices might seem expensive but outdated hardware is a costly mistake to make. It can lead you to spend a lot more money on maintenance because the hardware is old and prone to problems. Another issue is that you won’t be able to run the latest software, which could help to improve efficiency and save money. Investing a bit of money in new computers every 3-5 years will save you more in the long run.
  • Remote/hybrid work has become a prominent part of our workplace dynamic; however, this does come with its own tech challenges. Having your IT environment properly working and secure for the office and remotely is critical for the success of the flexible workplace. Consider creating a remote working policy and asking your employees what tools they have or need to make mobility a better reality.
  • Start the new year off right with a resolution to make your business IT more secure. This could mean promoting a cyber awareness training for your employees to help them learn how to spot and prevent common cyber-attacks such as smishing, vishing or angler phishing. It could also mean preparing or reviewing your incident response plan to make sure it includes elements such as risk assessment plans, office backups and cybersecurity/ransomware insurance, for example.
  • If your business has been putting of cloud migration, consider revisiting the idea to explore your options. Cloud technology can provide cost-savings, enhanced productivity, and the ease of scaling operations. Cloud-based services for tasks like document storage, video conferencing, email and calendars are typically a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining servers and software, plus, it also provides greater flexibility and mobility since the data is stored online and is therefore accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Keep your business secure and up to date with the help of a Managed IT Services provider. If you are looking to maximize your technology investments, drive down costs and transform business outcomes, StratusComm – Managed IT Services can help. We can provide the best outsourced IT support tailored specific to your business needs. You stick to what you do best, and our experts will focus on your IT for you.

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