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Getting away from the snowy winter weather to vacation in the sun is how most people would prefer to spend their time now. But in between booking tickets, packing essentials, and arranging accommodations, homeowners often worry about what to do with their heating and cooling before taking off for a trip. No one likes the idea of paying extra money to heat a house that doesn’t even have someone at home. And while this is a tempting idea to explore, homeowners should avoid it, unless they want to spend much more in the long run.

Turn the Heat Down, Not Off

Homeowners looking to get away from the house for a trip can save some money on utilities by turning the heat down while they’re away. But, for the sake of the home’s plumbing, it’s better to at least leave it on in some capacity.

If the heat is turned completely off, there is a strong chance that cooling temps will freeze the water in the home’s pipes. This is a quick way to end up with a burst pipe, and an exceptional amount of water damage that homeowners certainly don’t want to come home to. Even if homeowners have checked the forecast for the time while they’re away, it’s always better to be safe than sorry — particularly for homeowners in the Midwest, where daily temps are known to swing quite dramatically in the winter months.

Homeowners don’t need to leave the thermostat near where they usually would though, in the 70’s or above. The ideal heating temperature range for a home while occupants are away around 50–55 degrees. This leaves enough heat to stave off freezing temperatures, but not so much to break the bank. Additionally, opening the kitchen cabinets below the sink will help heat circulate to harder to reach areas.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat for A Home Tech Safety Net

It’s not out of the realm of possibility for homeowners to be rushing out the door to a flight and forget to reset the thermostat lower on the way out. One helpful way to avoid this scenario from clouding over an otherwise excellent trip is by installing a smart thermostat before leaving.

Smart thermostats use advanced integrated software and sophisticated automation to program the temperature within a home. The controls are always accessible via Wi-Fi through the thermostats associated app, so if homeowners rush out without adjusting the temp, they can always connect to the airport’s Wi-Fi and do it right from the terminal.

But even deeper than that, smart thermostats are capable of learning homeowner’s habits, and adjusting themselves over time to match how homeowners would typically set the temperature to account for different conditions. For instance, if homeowners usually turn the thermostat down before going to bed, a smart thermostat can learn this habit, and auto adjust itself promptly at 10 PM to match the usual routine.

Whether saving some money by turning the thermostat down manually or installing a smart thermostat to relieve some of the stress of remembering to constantly adjust the thermostat, the important takeaway is that homeowners should avoid turning off the heat completely if they will be away for an extended period of time. If homeowners have additional questions about ways to prevent burst pipes, or for more details on whether a smart thermostat is compatible with their current HVAC setup, reach out the professionals at Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer, Heating, and Cooling Inc. The experts at Duane Blanton have over 30+ years of fixes and solutions for any homeowner HVAC issues and can tackle any questions homeowners throw their way.

Posted on February 8, 2022 by Duane Blanton Family Home Services

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